Research & Innovation

The endless pursuit of quality, creativity, and innovation form the intrinsic backbone of FMK LABS company culture. Our experienced R&D team is the strength of our company. Our technical services are fully integrated in the development and production process to save time, money, while meeting quality expectations. From the time of inception of your ideas, to the final packaging of goods, our team will be beside you to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction.

New Ingredients

Efficacy, pay-off, customer satisfaction while meeting internal ethical and environmental standards is what drives us at FMK LABS when exploring ingredient technology and raw materials.

Product Development

Committed to being at the forefront of our industry, constantly raising the bar by utilizing the latest technology with the newest researched trends to create truly industry disruptive products. Our extensive experience is a strong testament to our promise for better quality service. Designed to minimize time and cost in product development, and provide our clients with substantial formulations.

Research Center & Lab

Combined Years of Custom Formulation Experience: 100+

Research & Innovation Lab: United States

OTC and FDA Experience


Subscribed to PCPC's On-Line Info-Base and International Cosmetics Legal and Regulatory Database

Proprietary database to manage customer specific ingredient restrictions

Regulatory Compliance

In-House Quality Assurance, Analytical and Microbial Laboratories

State-Of-The-Art Laboratories

Stability Protocol for FMK Developed Formulas

Standard Operating Procedures following cGMP compliance

Sustainably Made in California.

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