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The endless pursuit of quality and innovation form the intrinsic backbone of FMK company culture. Our incredible R&D department was scouted to create a solid team with strengths in every field. Our internal QC department is fully integrated into the development and production process to save you: time, money, and of course headaches. From the bare raw materials to your final packaged goods, our rigorous Quality Control teams will be right beside your project until the very last second it leaves our facility.

Automatic Lipstick Filling Machine

Automatic Mascara Filling Machine

Automatic Lipgloss Filling Machine

  • Individual Consultation
  • R&D Development
  • Custom Formulation & Color Matching
  • Stability & Microbial Testing
  • Over-the-counter (OTC)
  • Export Document Support (EU + Others)
  • General Physical Property Test
  • Compatibility Test
  • Microbial Test
  • Stability Test
  • Design + Marketing Support
  • Tube + Bottle Filling
  • Stock Packaging
  • Labeling